Rugs & Mat see a lot of love in the house as dirt is tracked in all the time. Vacuuming and commercial steam cleaners can clean most of the dirt, but not keep it looking brand new or kill all the bacteria. At Hurds Carpet Cleaning, rug cleaning is one of our specialities in. We offer the best rug cleaning services in Hobart.

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Residential, Commercial

Professional Rug Cleaning Services

We can clean a wide variety of rugs

  • Cotton Rugs,
  • Synthetic Rugs,
  • Wool Rugs,
  • Natural Fibre Rugs,
  • Hair-on-Hide Rugs,
  • Persian rugs.

Hurds Carpet Cleaning Hobart understand that each rug requires different types of cleaning methods and chemicals. We offer rug cleaning services that offer superior cleaning at your house. You do not have to worry about rolling up the rug and dropping it off somewhere.