Hurds Carpet Cleaning specialises in quality environmental fogging and infectious control cleaning in Hobart. We adhere to all current and evolving guidelines around sanitised control cleaning, and can provide cleaning and disinfecting services for both residential and commercial spaces, large and small.

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Infectious control cleaning in Hobart

With infectious control cleaning in Hobart now more important than ever before, it is vital to turn to a cleaning company that you can trust to deliver the safest solutions & support their cleaning results.

Working in cleaning & disinfecting guildlines, set by Government, Hurds put these guildlines in place using effective materials & equipment to deliver the highest quality of santised control cleaning services.

We provide environmental fogging with approved disinfectants for both santisation & fogging to treat unwanted contamination & viruses. Standard sanitisation means spraying of disinfecting chemicals directly onto areas to fight bacteria & germs on surfaces, a very effective way to target areas that may have become contaminated.

As a result, viruses & bacteria can be transported via water droplets which can reach hidden places not seen by the naked eye.

The benefits of environmental fogging

There are many benefits using fogging for sanitisation:

  • Economical - low liquid consumption per m2 of surface area covered, so cost effective.
  • Coverage - small water particles of high density are produced which once
    dispersed can find their way into areas that other applications can't reach<
  • Minimal residue- the production of fine mist ( 1-10 microns in size) means no visible residue left on surface.
  • Control - the process is easily controlled with metered manual or auto systems. Fogging can visable when colour added, if required. Most fogging machines are very easy to
    transport from room to room or any area requiring sanitisation.
  • Certification - all our technicians are well trained, have the right equipment, and all wear PPE gear that comply to the industrial requirement. Safety is our number one priority.

Who can benefit from sanitisation and environmental fogging?

This service can be used in small or large areas, where there are confirmed cases of any type of infection, such as COVID-19, or use it as a preventative service.

We provide our services to:

  • Schools & other Educational buildings
  • Small-to-large commercial offices
  • Restaurants, cafes, and other eating establishments
  • Gyms and other sporting & fitness centres
  • Entertainment and recreational areas
  • Pubs, hotels, and motels
  • Cinemas and shoppping centres
  • Vehicles, boats, and caravans
  • Public transport services

Specialised deep cleaning and environmental fogging service

If you're concerned about your residential or commercial space, get in touch with the most qualified infectious control cleaners in Hobart today. Call Hurds to get a quote from one of our experienced deep cleaning and environmental fogging technicians today. For more information, please call 1300 726 120.